ICAROS is a think tank that specializes in aviation. It is staffed by a team of experts who have extensive operational experience and a wide range of academic and training backgrounds. However, the core of ICAROS is the desire to share knowledge and expertise with others, which is the driving force behind everything we do.


ICAROS boasts a team of experts with diverse backgrounds, ranging from academic analysis to direct HR work in connection with accident prevention.

Flight Safety

Commercial passenger transport has achieved high levels of flight safety through careful planning and implementation. However, other areas of the aviation industry still face a greater number of incidents. In these cases, ICAROS can offer their expertise to help improve safety measures.


Aviation is a rapidly growing industry that requires extensive research and development. The projected growth of international aviation highlights the need for advancement.


Interest in the business that operates above our heads is great. Both newspapers, news channels, and other media often need to explain how systems and processes work in a correct but easy-to-understand manner.